Dedicated Servers

VDS hosting can offer better performance than shared hosting or VPS hosting, as you have more resources available to you and are not sharing them with other users. This can be important if you are running a resource-intensive application or have a high-traffic website.

Package CPU Ram Disk Connectivity Price Setup Fee
Package nameCopper Plan CPU1 Core Ram1 GB Disk8 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€5 monthly€50 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameCopper+ Plan CPU1 Core RAM2 GB Disk16 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€10 monthly€100 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameBronze Plan CPU2 Cores RAM4 GB Disk32 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€20 monthly€200 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameBronze+ Plan CPU4 Cores RAM8 GB Disk64 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€40 monthly€400 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameSilver Plan CPU8 Cores RAM16 GB Disk128 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€80 monthly€800 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameSilver+ Plan CPU16 Cores RAM32 GB Disk256 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€160 monthly€1600 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameGold Plan CPU32 Cores RAM64 GB Disk512 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€320 monthly€3200 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package namePlatinum Plan CPU32 Cores RAM128 GB Disk1 TB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€600 monthly€6000 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Why us?

Features that brings maximum power for your needs.

Dedicated Internet

We can offer a dedicated internet line to support your machines' needs. This service guarantees a stable and consistent connection, which is crucial for businesses that rely on seamless data transfer for their operations.

+99% Server Uptime

Achieving a server uptime of 99% or higher ensures that your online business or services are always available to customers, while avoiding lost revenue and productivity due to service interruptions.

Multiple Data Centers

We utilize multiple data centers to ensure the availability and security of your data. By distributing our servers across multiple locations, we are able to provide remote backups and redundancy.

Daily Data Backup

We offer customizable backup solutions to meet the unique needs of your VDS. Our system can be configured to perform full VDS backups on a daily basis or even more frequently, as per your requirement.